Door Frame With Door

Door Frame With Door

Waga Systems introducing new concept with being channel partner with OLIVE DOOR SOLUTION and give you A brand new Product “VEVIJ THE DOORS” ultimate solution for your door need. In a construction industry doors have always been an item with non standardized solution…Not anymore!

Waga system gives you end to end solution with over 40+ finishes to choose from Vevij The doors.

Manufacturing, Customizing and installing doors as per your requirements is what we are specialized in.

Series : ध्वार

Finish : Veneer Natural

Shade : Smoke Figure Eucalyptus

Code : VVN 001

Polish : High Gloss PU

Series : कवाट

Finish : Veneer Engineered

Shade : White Oak Quater

Code : VVE 004

Polish : Satin Matt PU

Series : आनन

Finish : V – HD

Shade : Choco Lure

Code : VV 001

Polish : Vertical Grooves

Series : अर्गला

Finish : Flexilam

Shade : Smoke Walnut Mix Match

Code : VFL 003

Series : प्रवेश

Finish : V- 4K

Shade : Mix Match Walnut

Code : VPO 002

Series : आनन

Finish : V – HD

Shade : Red E Lam Mix Water

Code : VV 002

Polish : Vertical Glass

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